LS325 Alarm panel

10 optoisolated alarm inputs with individually adjustable delay and NO / NC selection.
Galvanically insulated power supply for 24-230V AC / DC.
Flashing when alarm and steady light when  acknowledged.
A and B alarm selectable with bracket for each alarm point.
Buttons for acknowledgment and summer off.
Touch-protected pushbutton for alarm test.
All settings and switches are made from the front panel. Pluggable screw terminals. The alarm text easily writeable with machine..

Technical data

Power supply: 24, 48, 110 eller 230V AC/DC
Power Consumption Including Alarm Connectors: Max 180mA at 48V,
110mA at 110V and 55mA at 220V
Summalarm contact data: 0.3A 250V at 75W, 4A, 250W or
Adjustable delay time: 0.1 – 30 seconds
Power through alarm sensor: 5mA (2mA at 230V AC/DC)
Dimensions: W x H x D, 142 x 128 x 60mm