uCon Mobile app for Android

With uCon from Larmia Control AB, you can easily connect to your Atlantis server or Avalon PLC to control and monitor the facility’s status.

The app is divided into three main views: Installations, Alarm List and Group List

The installation view is used to create and configure connections, and to connect to different PLCs or SCADA systems. You can easily connect to a facility by clicking on it.

The alarm list shows all alarms in the PLC or SCADA system dynamically. Click an alarm in the list to open its dialog. In the dialog you can acknowledge unrecognized alarms and see alarm statistics.

The group list shows all groups in the PLC or SCADA system. Click on a group to view its list of objects. The object’s status is dynamically updated in the object list. By clicking on an object, you open its dialog where you can, depending on the object type, e.g. set maneuvers and setpoints as well as see statistics.

The app is free to download but connecting to PLC or SCADA requires an uCon server license and that the web server package is version 3.2 or later.