Optimizer Energy Optimization

Larmia Control AB has developed an energy optimization and operation monitoring tool that is used to analyze historical data from the property’s entire system. The program presents the information in reports in the form of tables and different types of charts. The program also offers the possibility of making different types of calculations, such as efficiency calculations, control deviations and other deviations, costs for energy use and more.
To make these calculations we use arithmetic operators, such as Boolean algebra, as well as a number of features contained in the libraries or write user-specific.

Summary reports
The program uses the concepts of main systems and subsystems. For example, a main system may be an operating area consisting of a number of properties. These properties can then be referred to as subsystems.
To each system, all calculations and reports are created. Each of the systems can be seen as a unit where you can enter reports of estimated ideal value, real consumption, and calculations that control deviations, which are not usually done in SCADA programs.
In the main systems you can then sum up the system’s subsystem to get an overview of the entire property. Reports and calculations for a system and its subsystems can be saved as ”standard systems” so that they can be reused at, for example, identical ventilation units.
The reports use XML documents as well as Java applets, which allows them to appear in a regular browser.