AlarmServer replaces the built-in alarm management in ATLANTIS SCADA from version 4.0, but can also be integrated into older versions.
This provides additional possibilities for sending out alarms to different alarm recipients such as:

Email (dial-up or network)
SMS (dial-up or GSM modem)
Minicall (dial-up)
Relay outputs (communication port)
Printers (TCP / IP, Serial or Parallel)
Fax (dial-up modem)

New improved software for alarm settings. All alarms are saved in text format, so in case of malfunction, the alarm remains in the system.

– All SCADA systems that send out alarms via text files can be imported to the alarm server.
The server is capable of managing multiple facilities (servers).
– 20 different recipients (profiles) for each recipient type.
– Built-in test alarm directly in the configuration program, this to easily simulate an alarm.
Updating the alarm server is easily done through the configuration program.
Detailed text logging of all events.
Simple input with popup window.
Easy activation / disabling for transmissions.
Multi-Language Support.
Password protected database.
– Can use the same port as Remote Access Service (RAS).
– The alarms are based on different profiles where you can set alarm class, alarm area, date / time and alarm status.
The area is set in the ATLANTIS SCADA Editing Program.