ED10 IEC61131-3

Atlantis includes a complete editing program with graphical presentation and editing according to IEC61131-3. ED10 editing software is focused on user-friendliness, efficiency and security. For example, the program itself warns and encourages the user to make a backup of the database before major changes are made.


Graphical programming
With the Graphical Programming in the LinkView, you easily create conditions by linking inputs and outputs from objects, conditions, time channels, via drag-and drop technology. The graphical programming is completely backward compatible, which means you can open up older projects and display its complex flows in a very clear way.

ED10’s new simulation mode is a powerful tool for development, testing and troubleshooting. With the touch of a button, the simulation of the entire plant is started and you immediately see how the system works. You can of course continue editing work while the simulation is running and all editing changes are reviewed immediately.

ED10 is structured around four different views; Details, couplings, Types and Addresses.
Each view is specialized and optimized for different purposes, all to facilitate and speed up the work.

Object Dialogs
Object dialogues have been completely redesigned with a focus on user friendliness. Dialogues warn with color markers and ”speech bubbles” if errors are found in the input fields.

The address bar automatically adjusts to the selected address type and has become much clearer. Instead of entering character-separated address strings, each address type now shows the actual fields to be filled in.

The ED10 now has full support for creating groups in groups, such as subgroups. These subgroups are also fully compatible with older versions of Atlantis and Atlas.

ED10 contains enhanced copy features. You can now easily, among other things, copy objects, groups and PLCs between installations. There is also the possibility to copy related objects, i.e. that ED10 searches the copied objects and checks if these are linked to additional objects, which are also copied. You can also choose to create automatic backup: editing before copying is completed.

Backup and recovery
With built-in backup and restore features, editing works are faster and safer. You can, for example, Create and name a backup before you start adjusting the facility, and as easily restore to a point before the changes.

In Atlantis V5.1 you have the option to choose which editing program to use; LCEdit or ED10. All editing changes made in ED10 are compatible with LCEdit and vice versa.