LS326/LS329 Alarm panel

10 optoisolated alarm inputs with individually adjustable delay and NO / NC selection.
Galvanically insulated power supply for 24-230V AC / DC.
Relay outputs (NO) for each individual alarm and input for remote acknowledgment.
Flashing when alarm and steady light when  acknowledged.
A and B alarm selectable with bracket for each alarm point.
Buttons for acknowledgment and summer off.
Touch-protected pushbutton for alarm test.
All settings and switches are made from the front panel. Pluggable screw terminals. The alarm text easily writeable with machine.

Same as LS326 addition to the individual relay outputs are normally closed function (NC).

Technical data

Power supply: 24, 48, 110 or 230V AC/DC
Power Consumption Including Alarm Connectors: Max 180mA at 48V,
110mA at 110V and 55mA at 220V
Summalarm contact data: 0.3A 250V or 75W, 4A, 250W or
Individual relay outputs: 0,4A, 250V or 100W, 4A 250V or 1000VA
Adjustable delay time: 0,1 – 30 seconds
Power through alarm sensor: 5mA (2mA at 230V AC/DC)
Dimensions: W x H x D, 142 x 128 x 60mm