EcoPAC is a PC-based Building Automation Control and Monitoring Unit with 4 ”wide TFT color display, a touch sensitive capacitive touchscreen for easy operation and display of logging curves, event lists, etc.
EcoPAC is fully programmable with ED10 (IEC-61131-3).
Communication to DHC is TCP / IP based.
EcoPAC comes with complete control software incl. alarm server and web server.
Front frame in aluminum.
Up to 64 hardware I/O.
Modbus / TCP driver (max. 75st addresses) and M-bus (max 50st addresses).

Usually mounted in a cabinet.


All signals are logged with 2 second resolution according to CoV.
The scales can be zoomed in the X and Y directions.
Saved for several years.

Object dialogs for all types of objects with clear features.

Shows up to four years at the same time.
Optional for all energy values.

Technical data for EcoPAC

Display 4″ Wide Color. TFT Touch.
Webb Embedded Web Server.
Dimensions W 180 mm, H 95mm, D 40 mm.
Punching: W 175mm, H 87 mm
Power supply Via PAC I/O 32.
Battery Maintenance-charged lithium battery, only for the clock.
Editing Free programmable with Larmia ED10 (IEC-61131-3), function block and structured text.
Communication Over networks, against Atlantis via embedded web server, or Modbus slave against foreign SCADA.
Modbus / TCP driver (max. 75st addresses) and M-bus (max 50st addresses).
Connections 1 network connector, 1 USB and 1 USB to connect to PAC I/O.
Cabling for PAC I / O 32 1.8 meter power supply cable from PAC I/O 32.
1.8 meter cabling for communication to PAC I/O 32.

Technical data for PAC I/O

Dimensions L 204 mm, W 128 mm, H 65 mm.
DIN rail mounting.
Power supply 24 V DC + -20% (Option AC / DC power supply).
Built-in power for EcoPAC
Digital IN 8 insulated inputs with LED indication.
5 mA current, connected to 0 for active input.
Max frequency 100 Hz, shortest pulse length 1 ms.
2 common return conductors (signal ground) protected with PTC resistors.
Analog IN 8 16-bit inputs.
LED with level indication, for 0-10V or resistive sensors (switching with joints).
The inputs can be used as Digital In
2 common return conductors to earth (G0)
Digital OUT 8 relay outputs with LED indication, max 2A, 24V AC / DC.
2 common return conductors
The relays are varistor protected
Analog OUT 8 8-bit 0-10V outputs.
LED with level indication.
Max load 2 mA.
2 common return conductors
Terminal Connection Detachable terminals for max 2,5 kvmm, AWG12.