Evo platform

Evo has been developing for many years and is the common platform for our entire product range. By having a common and future-proof platform, we achieve both flexible implementation of new features in several parts of the product range, shortened development time, and even better opportunity to provide our retailers and end customers with the first-class support we are already known and appreciated.

Our goals are User-friendliness, Short engineering time for completion of projects and lowest LCC (Life Cycle Cost).

Roadmap Evo

First step: The launch of Evo in EcoPAC.

Second step:Launch of Avalon W17 with Evo and HTML5 client.

And with that we have also introduced support for categorization of L.E.P.O. in programming.

By the programming of the unit, meters, etc. categorize certain items enables automated generation of reports and energy viewing in Larmia’s energy monitoring module L.E.P.O. (Larmia Energy Performance Overview).

L.E.P.O.- Start comes as standard in the HTML5 client that comes with Avalon W17, providing access to automatic energy and power meters, heat, cold and solid light energy profiles, and chart presentation for selected periods.

Another news we added in Step 2 is RePlayer, which is a playback feature and is described under the heading RePlayer in the HTML5 client.

Third step: The implementation of Evo in our products will be the basis of our new SCADA program for new plants that only work against other Evo products, that is, Avalon W17 and EcoPAC. To this SCADA, Larmias HTML5 client will be HMI (same as for remote connection to Avalon W17 and EcoPAC).

Even in the SCADA client, the L.E.P.O.-Start energy module is available by default, but can be supplemented with licenses for additional levels. At present, there is ”Bronze”, which also provides automated reports for buildings, ventilation units, sub-stations and refrigeration centers.

Fourth step: Evo and the HTML5 client are being launched to already existing Larmia hardware installations that do not support Evo in their own right. Then the support for communication with these devices lies in the SCADA platform instead

Continuous implementation of these steps will add new features such as forecast management, both centrally distributed from SCADA, and locally implemented in the Avalon W17 and EcoPAC.

As Evo will develop gradually, we recommend that you always categorize as recommended to ensure the ability to support future features.