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Larmia Control AB
Box 83

Phone: 08-444 53 00
Support: 08-444 53 01

Visiting address:
Aniaraplatsen 4, 3tr

Delivery address:
Kung Agnes väg 3
191 48 Sollentuna

About Larmia Control AB

Larmia Control AB, was established 1968 in Sollentuna, is a traditional technology company within automatic control engineering for real estates. The company is known for its high quality and user friendly solutions for the real estates business. 

We are contributing eminently to a better and healtier indoor climate. Our products are optimizing the prestanda of the real estates and makes it simple to handle large as well as small repository of  real estates. The expenses of energy will be reduced and the carbon dioxide effectes minimized..

Larmia is part of Fidelix group since 2018.

Business concept

Larmia will provide the market with own developed products for advanced automatic solutions for business of real estates and industry.

By new developement and improvements we will reach out in a network of partner groups to retail customers all over Sweden and other selected customers.

Our products will give the customer a maximum of energy optimization and will therefor be environment friendly as well as user friendly when used effective.

Photo of Urban Escape taken from airplane.  Urban Escape consists of five buildings in the centre of Stockholm monitored by equipement produced by Larmia Control..

Leveransbestämmelser (pdf)


Larmia policy avseende integritet och marknadsföring
Larmia policy (pdf)