High Quality, User-friendly, Scalable and Open
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Larmia övervakningssystem fastighetsautomation

EcoPAC is a PC-based control unit for Intelligent Buildings with a 4” wide TFT color capacitive touch screen. This provides a simple user interface and the ability to show trendcurves, eventlists etc.
EcoPAC is fully programmable with ED10 (IEC-61131-3).
The communication to the SCADA-system is TCP/IP-based.
EcoPAC ships with a complete, pre-installed, control software incl. alarm and web server.
Casing and chassis entirely made of aluminium.
Up to 64 hardware I/O.
Drivers for Modbus/TCP (max 75 addresses) and M-bus (max 50 addresses).

The EcoPAC is usually mounted in a cabinet.

All signals are logged with 2 second resolution according to CoV.
Zoomable axes.
Trends are stored for several years.

Dialogs for all types of objects with clear and intuitive functions.

Display and compare up to 4 years simultaneously.
Selectable for all energy meters/values.

Technical specifications for  EcoPAC

Display 4” wide color. TFT-touch.
Web Embedded web server.
Dimensions W 180 mm, H 95 mm, D 40 mm.
Power supply
Through PAC I/O 32.
Battery Maintenance charged lithium battery, for internal clock only.
Editing Freely programmable using Larmia ED10 (IEC-61131-3), function blocks and structured text.
Communication Over network, with Atlantis using the embedded web server, or Modbus Slave with 3rd party SCADA systems.
Drivers for Modbus/TCP (max 75 addresses) and M-bus (max 50 addresses).
Ports 1 Ethernet interface, 1 available USB, 1 USB for PAC I/O communication.
Cabling for PAC I/O 32
1.8 meter cabling for power supply from PAC I/O 32.
1.8 meter cabling for communication with PAC I/O 32.

Technical specifications for PAC I/O

Dimensions L 204 mm, W 128 mm, H 65 mm. DIN rail mounted
Power supply 24 V DC +-20% (Optional AC/DC power supply).
Embedded power supply for EcoPAC.
Digital IN
8 isolated inputs with LED indication.
5 mA current, connect to 0 for active input.
Max frequency 100 Hz, shortest pulse length 1 ms.
2 common returns (signal ground) protected by PTC resistors.
Analog IN
8 16-bit inputs.
LED with level indication, for 0-10V or resistive sensors (selectable with jumpers).
Inputs can be used as Digital IN.
2 common ground returns (G0)
Digital OUT 8 relay outputs with LED indication, max 2A, 24V AC/DC.
2 common returns.
The relays are protected by varistors.
Analog OUT
8 8-bit 0-10V outputs.
LED with level indication.
Max load 2 mA.
2 common ground returns (G0).
Terminals Disconnectable terminals for max 2,5 mm², AWG12.

PDFEcoPAC Product Presentation (pdf)

We develop, manufacture and market user-friendly computerized control-, regulation- and monitoring systems for building automation.
Characteristics for our products are:

High Quality, User-friendly, Scalable and Open
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