High Quality, User-friendly, Scalable and Open
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Larmia övervakningssystem fastighetsautomation
LS325 Alarm Unit


10 input signals, each with memory, adjustable delay and make (NO) or brake (NC) contacts.
Optically isolated inputs and isolated power supply for 48-220V AC/DC.
Alarms are displayed as flashing lights until reset, then as fixed lights.
Priority level A or B is selected with jumpers for each input signal.
Buttons for alarm reset and alarm test.
Touch-protected alarm test button.
All selections and adjustments are made from the front panel.
Terminal blocks are of plug-in type.
The alarm text can easily be written with a typewriter.
"Power on"-indicator in the front panel.

Technical specifications
Power requirement: 24, 48, 110 or 230V AC/DC
Current consumption incl. priority level contacts: Max 180mA at 48V,
110mA at 110V and 55mA at 220V
Priority level contact rating: 0,3A 250V at 75W, 4A, 250W or 1000VA
Adjustable delay: 0,1 - 30 seconds
Priority level contact current: 5mA (2mA at 230V AC/DC)
Dimensions: W x H x D, 142 x 128 x 60mm

We develop, manufacture and market user-friendly computerized control-, regulation- and monitoring systems for building automation.
Characteristics for our products are:

High Quality, User-friendly, Scalable and Open
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