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Atlas Web HMI

Atlas is the new web client from Larmia Control. A "normal" web client is basically a web page that displays information about the system. In order to get dynamic pages some form of plug-in, such as ActiveX, Flash or Java, is used.
The disadvantage of these solutions is that they are always limited by the browser they run in.
With Atlas, Larmia Control has decided to take a completely new track in terms of web-based clients.
Atlas is a complete program that you download to the computer you are currently located at. The major advantages of having a web client that is completely separate from the browser include:
  • Access to all the resources of the host computer.
  • No compatibility issues between browsers.
  • The ability to perform advanced graphical operations.

Advanced graphics engine 
Built upon the graphics engine from Atlantis with support for animation, zooming etc.  

Images and symbols from Atlantis
Atlas uses the same images and symbols found in Atlantis.
This, combined with the powerful graphics engine, means that no images needs convertion before use, and that changes in the images are automatically reflected in Atlas. 

Trend groups 
Display up to 8 trends simultaneously. 
Create your own trend groups directly from within the software.  

Powerful trend handling 
Scroll and zoom just like Atlantis. Now it is also possible to go directly to a specific date. 

Event lists with filters 
The same filtering options as in Atlantis.
Filter on status, alarms, etc. 

Powerful search function 
Search by object name, address, objects in manual mode and more.

Integrated document handling
Display drawings and other documents located on the server, directly in the program.

Integrated with the Access Control system
Users only see the areas they have access to.

User-based settings
Choose your own background color for the event list, increase the font size on the alarm list and more.
Most parameters in the program can be set and saved per user.

Enhanced security 
Support for encrypted communication with the server using TLS (SSL). 

Graphical presentation of time schedules 
Display the weekly times in a comprehensible chart.

Presentation of conditions
Displays inputs and the output of the condition. 

Open SQL database for history 
An open SQL database allows for both import and export of data.

Relational view of objects
Easy navigation between conditions and more. 

Integrated web browser
Display web pages from, for example, other manufacturers PLC's directly in Atlas. 

Integrated help system 
Complete help system with both texts and films that explain common operations in an easy way.

PDFAtlas Technical Description (pdf)

We develop, manufacture and market user-friendly computerized control-, regulation- and monitoring systems for building automation.
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High Quality, User-friendly, Scalable and Open
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