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Larmia övervakningssystem fastighetsautomation

The LS920 is an intelligent modular PLC, which can execute all kinds of control and regulation and can work by itself or as a satellite to the main SCADA system. The LS920 can be programmed on-line from a main computer and has a powerful 32-bit processor. Up to 96 I/O in one basic unit. Robust mechanical and electric construction permits change of modules under voltage. All modules are galvanic insulated. Disconnectable wire-protected 2,5 mm2 terminals with secure contacts. LED´s on the module-panel for indication of status. 48 LED´s each with 3-colour choice and legible text by every LED. Optional placement in object-programming.
New alarm: Flashing red light
Reset alarm: Fixed red light. Memory and delay as an ordinary alarm panel. Alarms can also be viewed on the display. 1000 events can be saved in the CCU eventlist.
Digital out/in: Yellow LED for digital out and green for digital in. In case of a conflict there is a red alarm. The basemodule can be provided with up to 12 I/O modules which are available with the following functions: 

MDI-8 : 8 digital inputs
MPI-8 : 8 pulse counting inputs
MDO-4 : 4 relay outputs
MDO-7 : 7 relay outputs
MAI-6 : 6 analog inputs (16-bits resolution)
MAO-4 : 4 analog outputs (12-bits resolution)

Display with 4 rows x 20 characters and backlight gives clear information and easy parameter programming. Keyboard with clear commands gives possibilities for an easy-to-use interface.
All these man-machine functions will make it possible for every category of staff to control and supervise the facility from the CCU-panel.
By using LS920 You can choose a smaller switch cabinet because the number of components becomes less numerous as LS920 is replacing the complete relay control and the regulators. By that the functions can be changed and extended in the future, which result in a long life and good overall economy.
When rebuilding, renovating or extending a building LS920 can be placed in a separate cabinet beside the existing one. LS920 is not bound to a certain manufacture of valves and sensors.

Technical data
Power requirement: 230V AC 50Hz, 20-40VA
RAM memory Up to 1 MB
PROM memory Up to 1 MB
Main processor 32/16 bits
Panel processor 8 bits
Battery backup Clock and memory maintenance-free for 10 years
Communication On line com RS485
Dial-up RS232, max 127 outstations/line
Temperature 0-50°C
Dimensions Panel: W x H x D, 483 x 132 x 40mm
Dimensions I/O unit: W x H x D, 485 x 170 x 110mm
CE marked acc. to: EMC: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3
LVD: EN 60950

We develop, manufacture and market user-friendly computerized control-, regulation- and monitoring systems for building automation.
Characteristics for our products are:

High Quality, User-friendly, Scalable and Open
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